The three of us feel very lucky to have grown up in Canada where education, healthcare, clean water and opportunity are often taken for granted. We all attended world class Canadian universities and are poised to face any challenge the world may throw at us. However, not everyone is so lucky. Across the world, millions of children are unable to go to school due to poverty, illness, and lack of infrastructure among many other challenges. We want to help change that. As our trip will take us through the Americas, we wanted to help the very people who will welcome us into their communities. In partnering with WE Charity, we are excited to support the WE Villages programs already in place in Ecuador and Nicaragua.

WE Villages is WE Charity's international development program which addresses the five primary causes of poverty in order to break the cycle that burdens so many families and communities. The five pillars of WE Villages are: Education, Water, Health, Food, Opportunity. The program has a proven track record worldwide, and has already brought over 160 schools and school rooms to children in Ecuador and Nicaragua. For an in-depth look into the work being done by WE Villages in Ecuador and Nicaragua, please follow the links below.


In October we were lucky to tour three remote communities in Ecuador who have been helped by WE Villages. We witnessed first hand recently completed school rooms filled with eager students, new buildings under construction to facilitate the daunting task of providing effective education to children of all ages, bathrooms built where none existed before, and a woman's group that provides mentorship and access to market for traditional indigenous crafts. We saw the smiles. We witnessed the change. We can vouch for the effectiveness of your donation.

Given the increasingly challenging issues our planet faces, including climate change, global security, and sustainability, it has never been more important to unlock the potential for change in every child, in every country in the world. For us it starts in Ecuador and Nicaragua - and we hope you will help us reach our goal of $22,000 - a dollar raised for every kilometre we ride. Money sense gives We Charity an overall A+ rating for efficiency, so you know every dollar is being used to its full potential towards the cause. And of course, you will be provided with an official tax receipt.