Brekky at McDonalds

We left yesterday morning in steady rain which lasted for the first couple hours. With the final touches left to do on the luggage before departure, we didn't get moving until around 11:30 am. 

The ride was a lot of fun and the rain didn't dampen our spirits, mostly thanks to the Badlands suits that kept us dry. The throttle locks and SENA Bluetooth comms allow for a synchronized YMCA dance response to the wave from other motorcyclists (when road conditions allow for it), and the comms are great for keeping in touch and agreeing on stops for food and gas. 

A few hiccups included Dom's wallet falling during the ride but it was somehow caught on his saddle bags, Ben dropping his bike in the soft ground at the farm, and a rattle developing in Ben's engine at about 4000 RPM.

Two of Ben's friends from high school, Pat and Andrew, were building a greenhouse on Pat's parents' farm North West of Edmonton and graciously offered a bed for the night. We checked out the greenhouse to-be and the hops growing on strings stretched out between leaning posts. After we got the bikes under cover and shared a few laughs it was time for bed.

This morning our hosts had to get to work and we had to get moving. Pat has an uncanny eye for four-leaf clovers and found one for each of us before we left.

It dawned on us last night that our next article for The Motorcycle Times is due tomorrow even though it feels like we just submitted the first one, so we decided to have a short day today - about 4 hours to Grand Prairie. That will give us time to work on the article and update the website. 

Here we are at McDonalds in Whitecourt, Ab digesting a nutritious breakfast while we work on the first draft of our August article. Locals are happy to chat with us and share their own stories and one older fella in particular was very proud of his new cellphone which 'had the websites'. We're happy to have the warm sun coming through the window as we keep an eye on our bikes in the parking lot.  Next stop: Grand Prairie. We will spend the night on Dom's friend Paul's floor and catch a concert at a local stampede.